Andy Doig

Andy Doig works in a studio on Brighton seafront where he has been creating neon and light installations since the1990s. He has collaborated on neon works for numerous renowned artists and has also exhibited worldwide under his own name.

Andy began glass bending at the British School of Neon in 1992 and under the wings of London’s top specialist House Argon Neon, he entered the world of West End musicals, and popular TV and independent film. These commissions and the ethos of building everything in-house began to focus Andy’s creativity and he forged ahead with career as an independent neon artist.

Perhaps inspired by the pop art movement, the 1960s saw a range of artists using neon to make sculptures and stage public interventions that expanded the medium’s symbolic potential. A fixation on the romance, alongside the commercial undertones that neon had come to represent, led to the pushing of artistic boundaries and acceptance of what was, and was not, art. Key figures in the neon art movement include artists such as Tracey Emin and Dan Flavin, and their eye-catching use of neon has left a legacy to a new school of contemporary artists, who are similarly inspired by a new evocative language.

Finding fresh thought and ideas from his surroundings, journeys and personal encounters, Andy’s art is always connected to his heart, and he endeavours to give a piece of himself with every commission that he undertakes.

“Understanding the whole process is part of the art form for me. I love working with glass; it now seems to be second nature. I’m beguiled by the history of neon making, so I maintain the traditional techniques, and twist them to fit the future. I also get excited installing neon – in a gallery space or abandoned warehouse, it’s part of my hands on approach.”

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