David Cressman

Born in 1980, David is a self-taught artist and started painting in 2005 following a visit to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art where he was inspired by the French impressionist collection and in particular the works of Claude Monet.

He describes himself as “an atmospheric landscape painter”, and as such, the real subject of all his paintings is light. He seeks to capture the most dramatic moments of sunlight and shadow on the urban landscape. His favoured compositional elements are buildings in conjunction with the reflection of light on water and the fine balance between the vertical and horizontal lines brings a sense of equilibrium and elegance to each work.

David has had work exhibited and sold in galleries in the UK and Overseas, and has received a number of awards, including the honour of a Jury’s Top 50 award at the prestigious Salon International Show in Texas and First Place in the Crossroads Mixed Media Juried Show in Richmond, Virginia.

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