Salva Ginard

Salva Ginard is a Spanish artist who is known for his captivating paintings of effervescent female figures.

Born in 1973 in Palma de Mallorca, Ginard grew up in a creative and artistic environment, which led him to develop an early interest in art. He studied fine art in his home city and architecture at the University of Barcelona, where he refined his skills and began to develop his quintessential style.

Ginard’s compositions feature dreamlike surrealistic imagery, with bold colours and intricate patterns drawing the viewer into his worldly creations. With Cubist overtones, his work challenges the viewer’s perceptions and invites them to explore positive and negative spaces in new and unexpected ways. His compositions reveal the struggles of controlling shape and form, as he attempts to go beyond the linearity of the images represented. His figures are deconstructed into layers, pieces, or blocks of colour, although there is a synergy of elements as a “life as the sum of its moments.” Ginard presents the human face stylised in an intimate and personal language, and for him the face acts as a metaphor for the human condition. He strips the mask from the subject in an abstract fashion and reveals the window to the soul, exposing captivating eyes that radiate with hope, confidence, curiosity, and desire.

Ginard’s style is the culmination of twenty years of experimentation and evolution, and he has been awarded numerous awards and accolades throughout his creative journey. His work is exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, and he aspires to continue to push the boundaries of traditional painting and explore new possibilities for artistic expression.

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